Update on “Forget What You Were Told”

About two weeks ago, I had written a letter to Professor William Giannobile, Editor-in-Chief of prestigious Journal of Dental Research, as regards the paper by Eke et al. (2012) in which new data on prevalence, extent and severity of periodontal disease in the adult population of the U.S. are presented. I had written about an apparent redefinition of clinical attachment loss which might have led to an undue exaggeration of the results here on this blog.

Yesterday, Dr. Giannobile confirmed that the letter has been received. Since he explains that he might, after thorough examination “in concert with the authors”, consider an Erratum by the authors rather than publishing the letter and respective authors’ response, I have decided to link to my letter here [pdf].

I will continue to report on the issue as appropriate.

16 December 2012 @ 7:27 am.

Last modified December 16, 2012.


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