Three Papers Retracted by Dental Materials Journal

As an update to “Just Say ‘No!'”, Japanese open access Dental Materials Journal and its publisher J-STAGE have retracted three papers because authors did not pay publication charges. They are

Mahmoudi M, Saidi A, Gandjalikhan Nassab SA, Hashemipour MA. A three-dimensional finite element analysis of the effects of restorative materials and post geometry on stress distribution in mandibular molar tooth restored with post-core crown. Dent Mater J 2014; 33(1): 147.

Santander S, Alcaine C, Lyahyai J, Pérez MA, Rodellar C, Doblaré M, Ochoa I. In vitro osteoinduction of human mesenchymal stem cells in biomimetic surface modified titanium alloy implants.  Dent Mater J 2014; 33(1): 148.

Boonanantanasarn K, Janebodin K, Suppakpatana P, Arayapisit T, Rodsutthi JA, Chunhabundit P, Boonanuntanasarn S, Sripairojthikoon W. Morinda citrifolia leaves enhance osteogenic differentiation and mineralization of human periodontal ligament cells.  Dent Mater J 2014; 33(1): 149.

One may trust in (but should actually doubt) proper peer review of these papers from Iran, Spain, and Thailand.

There is no single day when we academics are not molested asked by editors/associate editors of open access journals (once we thought open access was an excellent idea for distributing scientific knowledge more rapidly all over the world) to submit, review or contribute as associate editor of obscure journals which have been shown to not adhere to highest standards of peer review and whose business model is to not reject a paper on grounds of lack of scientific merit but rather charge authors tremendous charges once the paper is accepted.

Dental Materials Journal is the journal of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices with a longer tradition (since 1982) but that might not make a difference. It has a small impact factor of 0.809 (2012). Possible authors should rather be warned not to submit a paper. A journal’s policy of rather accepting questionable research which has not properly been peer-reviewed in order to charge possible authors should definitely be sanctioned.

As regards the three papers, the retraction note on Dental Materials Journal website says in each case,

“This article has been retracted by the Editorial Board of Dental Materials Journal due to violation of our publishing policies and procedures as of December 1, 2013.”

Retraction Watch had contacted the Journal by email and had received another explanation: “They had been retracted because of the unpayment of publication charge.”

15 February 2014 @ 9:45 am.

Last modified February 15, 2014.


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