Predatory Publisher Launches Perio Journal

Update below.

Jeffrey Beall’s list of predatory publishers includes OA Publishing London for many years. They have launched OA Periodontology and Dental Implantology last year. I had informed the editor-in-chief, Professor Jasim Albandar at Temple University in Philadelphia, about the questionable reputation of the publisher after he had invited me to serve on the editorial board. I am still listed there but certainly won’t review papers for the journal. In general, authors are discouraged to publish their work there, as are invited editors, editorial board members and reviewers strongly advised to resist.

I briefly scanned also Beall’s list of standalone predatory journals and found the International Journal of Dental and Health Sciences. How shoddy publication is done there can be seen in a recent article by Mundeja et al. (2014) on Gingival Biotype: A Key Determinant  in Periodontal Treatment. The reference list of this review article is actually that of another review article written by Gupta et al. (2014) on Alendronate in Periodontics: Where are We?

Update 10 February 2015.

Yesterday, OA Periodontology and Dental Implantology vanished from OA Publishing London’s list of journals.


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  1. Neuroskeptic (@Neuro_Skeptic)

    Hello! I’m a neuroscientist and I’ve been blogging about OA Publishing London for some time. It’s a strange organization.

    OAPL was formed in 2012 after a journal called Head and Neck Oncology (HNO) was terminated by its publisher, BioMed Central (BMC). BMC decided to axe HNO after alleging to have found “apparent major irregularities in the content and editorial handling of the journal” by the editors, including one Waseem Jerjes, one of the four editors in chief. You can read BMC’s take here.

    OAPL was founded a few weeks after HNO was axed. The company is registered under the name of Walid Jerjes. OAPL ‘agreed’ to take over HNO (with the old editorial team intact) and also created a large number of other journals. It’s possible that Waseem Jerjes is responsible for running OAPL today, as I discuss in one of my posts.

    All that is just the tip of the iceberg, see my blog for more details. It’s all very odd in my opinion. Well done for staying well clear of the whole business!


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