Manuscript Transfer to Open Access Journals

Leading publisher of scientific information John Wiley & Sons promotes its growing open access program by offering scientific societies “manuscript transfer” of rejected papers to affiliated open access journals. From the Wiley Open Access website,

An increasing number of societies and journals are taking advantage of the Wiley Open Access program. Here are two ways to get involved with open access at Wiley.

1. Support a Wiley Open Access Journal

A number of society journals support our open access journals through the Manuscript Transfer Program.

The Manuscript Transfer Program
As well as accepting direct submissions, a number of Wiley Open Access journals also operate a Manuscript Transfer Program, in which the journal is supported by other  journals, including society-owned titles.  The supporter journals refer articles not accepted after peer review and offer authors the option to submit to a Wiley Open Access journal. Authors benefit both from the speed and efficiency of the referral process and by not having to re-enter the peer review process from the beginning.

Once a progressive trend of scientists who strongly believe that in particular medical knowledge must be freely accessible to the public, global players like Springer and Elsevier have long understood the undeniable advantages of charging authors instead of libraries for publication expenses in times of limited university budgets. Since fees only fall due if a manuscript was accepted, open access has challenged the current peer review system since publishers have no interest in a rejected manuscript.

How does it work at Wiley’s?

1. After peer review in supporting journals, rejected articles of good quality can be identified by the supporting journal as candidates for a Wiley Open Access journal.

2. The authors are offered the option to accept referral of their article to the Editors of the appropriate Wiley Open Access journal, where further editorial evaluation takes place. Importantly, authors do not need to make any changes to their manuscript at this stage.

3. Reviews from the supporter journal are recycled, so the acceptance process is significantly speeded up for referred authors.

Lists of the journals that support Wiley Open Access Journals by participating in the Manuscript Transfer Program, which allows rapid transfer and publication of suitable, referred papers, are available below. (Emphasis added.)

So, Wiley wants to intercept resubmitting a rejected manuscript to a similar journal of a competitive publisher by offering “open access”. No need to make any changes to manuscripts after rejection. Manuscripts and reviews are “recycled”. Sounds like recycling garbage.

Welcome to a greener world.

20 February 2015 @ 7:05 am.

Last modified February 20, 2015.


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