I am Hans-Peter Muller, a periodontist, dedicated teacher and scientist from Germany.

One of the many advantages of blogging is that it enables the blogger to react instantly to what is going on in scientific publications and our professional societies, and initiate discussions about it. In the more or less absence of opportunities to fairly discuss published papers in letters to editors, post publication peer review is an emerging issue here too, in particular since proper peer review is no longer granted in times of open access and predatory journals. And editors whose main interest seem to be their journals’ impact  factor. I feel free to comment on published papers, and comments and differing views are welcome.

I have recently noted, with abomination, that politics has contaminated periodontology. Apart from ever growing attempts of companies and manufacturers to promote their products, some of our opinion or “thought” leaders have also tried, most recently even in a concerted action, to intimidate serious scientists who did not produce desired (or rather produced unwelcome) results. I have learned that our professional societies have little legitimity but the more political power.

Here I want to provide scientific analysis of what is going on in periodontology – defying mainstream – and, as far as I am interested, science at large.

Any comments are welcome.


One comment

  1. Lynne Slim

    I am a key opinion leader in dental hygiene and have also found this to be true. Politics have indeed contaminated periodontology and I have tried hard to educate hygienists about the scientific method and how to evaluate the literature through a working knowledge of evidence-based dentistry. So far, it hasn’t worked and I’ve noticed, for example, that periodontists are jumping to conclusions about the perio/systemic links and promoting these links as cause/effect on their association websites. Scientists are supposed to be objective.


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